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Holisticly began as the vision of its two founders – Jerry and Josh – while they were brainstorming how to digitize and democratize their 40+ years of experience in building one of the world’s most successful health & wellness companies, Canyon Ranch. In 2019, the team grew with Alexander, contributing his profound insights and experience in app development and scaling.

App holisticly, digital health mental founder About Us Joshua Luckow

Joshua Luckow


International executive and former software developer for public and private global firms ranging in size from $180 million to $52 billion – Canyon Ranch, Arthur Andersen, Merck, Honeywell. 

App holisticly, digital health mental About Us Jerry Cohen

Jerry Cohen

EXecutive chairman

A legend in the industry, who helped pioneer the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy by co-founding and leading one of the most successful world brands, Canyon Ranch.

Alexander Rissland


Experienced young entrepreneur who has originated several digital platforms with an accumulated reach of over 1 million people. Member of the Young Entrepreneur’s Program at Factory Berlin.

Natalie Rushton

Head of Operations

An international executive who brings a unique set of skills and
experience spanning seventeen years in the high-end service
industry, from The Royal Households of the United Kingdom to
Canyon Ranch.

Dr. Margarida Müller

Head of research

A gifted researcher and analyst with a PhD in Global Health from the acclaimed Heidelberg University, along with a master’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Lisbon. 

Lance Fortner

Head of Services

An international director, counsellor, and educator with 20 years of experience specialized in solution-focused therapy and social emotional counseling.

Headshot - Alizanne

Alizanne Davies

Head Of people operations

An international executive with over 15 years of experience at the high-end of the health and wellness industry. Led the recruitment and on-boarding of hundreds of international health professionals for prominent health & wellness companies.  

Holisticly health app development digital teamJuliana Ascolani

Juliana Ascolani

Lead Research & Analysis specialist

A gifted professional who bridges data science and health research with direct experience in healthcare and university institutions. Passionately and collaboratively pursuing the integration and synergy of all key areas of health & wellness.

Holisticly health app development digital team Helen Fiala

Helen Fiala

Lead marketing specialist

A creative and strategic mind with solid marketing experience with international players, such as RedBull, and start-ups in the digital mental health market. Possessing a passion for connecting communities and improving people’s lives worldwide.


Beatriz Martinez

Lead creative

Multifaceted communication specialist that has worked in several international media companies; harnessing linguistic and graphic resources to drive brand awareness. Nominated for best master’s thesis in international and intercultural communication.

Renée Turzanski


Experienced epidemiologist with specific interest in lifestyle factors and cancer risk, mechanisms linking lifestyle to disease, and opportunities for prevention. Co-authored over 130 publications on a wide variety of health topics and serves on the leadership teams on ovarian cancer risk.

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