Optimal Health Journey

Optimal Health Journey

An integrative and sustainable solution to achieve long-term productivity and vitality

The Adara Optimal Health Journey Includes:

Your Starting Point and Roadmap

Healthy Lifestyle Assessment & Wellbeing Quotient Assessment
Holistic Health Coach Consultation
50 min
Exercise Physiology Consultation
50 min
Nutrition Consultation
50 min
Life Management Consultation
50 min
Sleep Consultation
50 min
Holisticly Health Coach Wrap-up
25 min
Your Personalized Health Roadmap

Staying on Track

Monthly Health Coaching
50 min
Unlimited access to curated content and virtual coaching sessions

Optional add-on*

Monthly Service Allowance
50 min / $50


We address every key dimension of your health to ensure optimization & alignment.


Through personalized consultations, we educate, guide, and empower you to adopt practical & achievable lifestyle behaviors to increase your vitality and productivity.


We combine the best conventional and complementary health practices to achieve optimal health, looking to Western and Eastern practices.

For Adara staff, with Adara covering an additional 50%
of the monthly service allowance.

Special rates also available for significant others

40+ Years of Excellence

Holisticly is a rapidly growing and progressive health and technology company with over 50,000 registered users. Its founders are modernizing and digitizing their 40+ years of global success in providing holistic, preventive, and integrative health to millions of clients worldwide.

There is one health truism that no scientific research has ever contradicted in all these years: It is easier to preserve health than to repair it. The path to optimal health is clearly defined—walking it is still up to you.

– Mel Zuckerman
Founder of Canyon Ranch

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