Economic Health

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Obtaining Work-Life Balance

A heavy workload or level of responsibility has the potential to unbalance our overall health. Daily routines, planning, stress management, and working and leisure limits are factors that can improve the state of equilibrium between our professional career and our personal life.

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Obtaining Financial Health

Evaluating our financial health status is as important as a physical check-up.  Learning how to influence and control our income and expenses, as well as debts and investments, is key to obtaining a healthy financial status and the peace of mind that goes with it.

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Developing Budget Skills

Effective budgeting is both science and art. Budgeting is not just about money; it also involves goals, time, resources, and energy. Developing the right skills and having control over your budget will help you achieve your life goals effectively and efficiently.

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Reaching the Quarter of Life

After reaching the academic level we wanted, we might find ourselves full of doubts about our future. On top of this, a lack of jobs and opportunities can be disheartening. The right techniques will help us manage this situation and find suitable solutions to our doubts.