Environmental Health

A girl doing exercise in her personal space

Nurturing Your Home

We spend considerable time in our home, which has the potential to become a sanctuary to care for our mind, body, and spirit. Building a peaceful, nurturing, and supportive environment at home can positively benefit our overall health, helping us feel grounded, safe, and secure.

A girl holding planet earth depicting her environmental concern

Caring for Our Planet

Our individual and collective interaction with the planet affects the environment and our wellbeing. Small individual actions and daily habits, combined with ways to cope with elements out of our control, can restore and protect our relationship with the planet and ourselves.

A picture of planet earth surrounded by various vegetables

Conscious Consumption

We are constantly consuming and making purchasing decisions. The array of choices can be overwhelming, especially when it’s hard to determine what’s good for us and the planet. Cultivating conscious consumption habits can empower us and alleviate this hardship.

A peaceful woman

Healthy Neighborhood

Our surrounding community plays a role in our overall health. Aspects such as the local economy, health and education systems, safety level, and food and exercise venues can inspire us or deter us. Getting the best out of our local community or exploring alternatives can aid us in our pursuit of a healthy life.