Holisticly and The Global Wellness Institute’s Collaborative White Paper: Digital Wellness & Breath

As the fields of technology and telehealth evolve, health practitioners and experts are finding more preventive and holistic options that could be made available to everyone; making conscious and healthy living a right, rather than a luxurious lifestyle! 
Our collaboration with the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) is driving this vision one step closer to it being a reality! Combining digital wellness with methods to optimize your breathwork to help you stimulate a healthier body, mind, and spirit! Who of us doesn’t wish to just tune out for a few moments and go through a detoxification process? 
We’ve brought together three articles written by healthcare professionals and reviewed by our international team of scientific researchers! Sneak a peek through what our report has to offer!
📲Learning to live a digitally healthy life with social media, so you’re able to make the best out of its exposure, as you minimize any downfall it may have!  
💆Feeling stressed and burnt out? Maybe it all lies in the breath you take! Respiration and breathwork, though sound similar, they’re inherently different! Here you can immerse yourself in the ways your breath can be the key to a calmer and more relaxed life!
💡Digital wellness and breathwork go hand-in-hand when it comes to improving our own understanding of our health! Deepen your knowledge of how digital wellness can help you stay on top of your wellbeing, as you manage to employ your breath to lighten the burden of the everyday life!
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