Advance Your Wellness Strategy with Holisticly

Seamlessly integrate superior wellness services – cater to the modern traveler’s desire for health options quickly and effectively to boost profit and value!

Backed by our 40 years of innovation in wellness, Holisticaly redefines Hospitality, offering new horizons in guest engagement and health focused amenities from the moment of booking through their entire stay and beyond. Our platform paves the way for a seamless wellness journey that integrates effortlessly into daily life, from pre-arrival to long after guests have returned home.

Our Hospitality Wellness Plans go beyond the bounds of temporary services, embodying a strategic expansion of your brand’s rapport with guests. We foster a connection that begins with the first interaction and blossoms into lifelong loyalty, morphing singular visits into a perpetual exchange of wellness and care, and nurturing a continuous stream of profitability for your hotel.

Holistic Health Assessment
Holistic Health Assessment

Our state-of-the-art health application is the ultimate tool for achieving true wellness and sustainable detoxification. Our cutting edge, inntuitive mobile app offers your guests a wealth of exclusive features, each crafted to nurture their health and support a lasting journey towards wellbeing.

Ready to Unlock Your Strategic Growth Advantages with Holisticly?

Embrace Holisticly’s solutions to transform and scale your business with strategic growth advantages that drive remarkable profits and lasting customer connections.

Holistic Health Assessment

Profit Surge

Boost profits by an astonishing 100% to 300% per participating guest, maximizing revenue oppertunities.

Offsite Earnings

Continue to earn and grow revenue, even when guests are not on property, by engaging them with our seamless platform.

Revenue Multiplication

Diversify and multiply your revenue streams by 5 to 10 times with our comprehensive suite of wellness offerings.

Premium Experience

Command premium room rates by providing an unmatched customer experience that prioritizes guest wellness.

Loyalty Enhancement

Foster deep loyalty and repeat business by offering personalized wellness experiences that guests can’t find elsewhere.

Brand Differentiation

Stand out in a competitive market with our unique wellness amenities, setting your brand apart as an innovator in guest experience.

With Holisticly’s Hospitality Health Packages, you get to:

Holistic Health Assessment

With Holisticly’s Hospitality Wellness Plans, you get to:

  • NImplement a holistic, preventive, and integrative high-tech wellness program that benefits your guests’ wellbeing on and off-site
  • NOffer a customized, lasting health retreat, and sustainable solutions for preventing stress, burnout, and other health ailments
  • NWitness a surge in your profits and revenue capture
  • NImprove your guests’ satisfaction and grow your chances of recurring bookings
  • NGain a competitive market advantage by developing unique offerings
  • NBoost your location’s US and international market shares
  • NTap into our 40+ years of unmatched knowledge & experience of global wellness success- consistently outperforming competitors, even in recessionary times

Have your pick of our diverse options for Hospitality Wellness Plans!

With Holisticly, your guests will truly experience the difference.

Select from our dynamic pricing models to align with your establishment’s scale and guest experience goals. Our adaptable smart living services are crafted to scale with your business, guaranteeing that your guests’ comfort and satisfaction grow alongside your enterprise, powered by advanced, data-informed living solutions.


Standard Level

  • Health Assessments
  • Health Journeys
  • Standard AI Coaching
  • Individual-level Health Tracking
  • Podcasts, Videos, Articles, etc.
  • Personalized Communication


CORE plus the following

  • Enterprise-level Dashboard
  • Wellness Promotion Campaigns
  • Personalized Incentive Plans
  • Standard Data Analytics
  • Concierge-level Support
  • Dedicated Support Rep


Live Consultations

  • Integrated Health Team, covering all key areas of healthy living
  • Holistic Health Record
  • Addressing Goals & Aspirations
  • Action Plan for Success
  • Monitoring Progress


Customization Services

  • Data Integration & Analytics
  • Custom Content
  • White Labeling
  • Infrastructure Solutions
  • Benchmarking
  • Predictions