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The physical dimension examines whether your physical body receives the nutrients and vitamins, exercise, and rest needed to provide you with the energy, strength, and resilience you need to thrive.


The environmental dimension assesses the quality of your surroundings – home, work, transportation – along with your relationship to the environment. Small changes can tremendously impact your wellbeing.


The mental dimension focuses on your inner strengths and circumstances. How you respond to the environment around you and how it impacts your health are key factors in reaching optimal mental wellbeing.


The economic dimension covers your financial health and working conditions and how they impact your overall health. Aligning your personal, professional, and financial pursuits is vital to your wellbeing.


The social dimension looks outward at your relationships and meaningful connections. Cultivating a healthy social community around you is essential to your overall wellbeing.


The spiritual dimension seeks inward to assess your inner spirit. Peace of mind, harmony with yourself and your surroundings, and optimism are just some of the resources that come from within you.

Your Holistic Journey

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Find a wide range of materials to improve your health knowledge – from interviews with health experts to real accounts from our team and hands-on advice.

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A progressive and scientifically formulated assessment powered by SolaVieve. The WQ measures a person’s health status from a holistic perspective.

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Strengthen your immune system and improve your health holistically through our unique combination of virtual coaching, live practitioners, and more.