Loneliness Awareness Campaign

Being the rising global epidemic that it is, loneliness is considered to be one of the most common emotional and social experiences among different age groups. Loneliness can leave an undeniable mark on our mental, physical, social, and economic wellbeing. 
Making use of all available support is essential for helping us cope with, and overcome, feelings of loneliness. This support can be manifested in the forms of reaching out to the people around us, and seeking professional help.
Promoting global awareness about loneliness is part of our commitment to empowering our community. That’s why we’ve put together these informative and evidence-based brochures, where you’ll read about:
💡 The definition of loneliness, the impact loneliness has on our health, generational influences, and how to address feelings of loneliness, all in our first brochure, Loneliness: An Overview.
💡 Social anxiety, its effects on loneliness, a few of its biological, psychological, and sociological causes, as well as how to deal with it in our second brochure, Loneliness: Social Anxiety.
💡 Some of the most recent findings about loneliness, the relationship between social media and experiencing loneliness, and how technology can help us overcome it, in Loneliness: Social Media and Technology.
💡 Life after the pandemic, how our social interactions have changed, and how this has influenced our feelings of connectedness, in Loneliness: Post-Pandemic.
Our goal is to heighten people’s awareness of loneliness as a major social and mental condition that requires deepening the community’s knowledge about it, its effects, and the proper preventive techniques that we could follow to lower our risks against it. 
Help us raise awareness by following these steps:
✅  Take a look at our four brochures and share them around to empower your community.
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