Lightening the Load Is The Goal: A Mental Health Campaign to Boost Healthy Living

There is no end to the important and frequently-asked questions that crop up once the topic of mental health is raised. What risk factors can lead to mental illnesses? How common is depression? What are the symptoms of anxiety? Can stress be good and bad? If you’d like to find out the answers to these questions and boost your awareness of mental health, make sure to keep reading – we have got all the answers you need. 

Holisticly, once again in collaboration with the World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS), has launched its second awareness campaign of 2021. Following on from the success of our cancer awareness campaign, this time we’re focused entirely on increasing public visibility and awareness about mental health. Lightening the load is the goal – promoting self-awareness is our role. 

Through this campaign, Holisticly hopes to act as a community-building tool and a resource people can use to educate themselves on mental health and healthy living.

Ranked as one of the leading causes of illness and disability around the globe, mental disorders are a widespread health challenge. Our aim is to make the most meaningful impact possible by promoting awareness about healthy living practices. Prevention is key.


What can you expect from our mental health awareness campaign?
  • Scientific-backed facts on understanding mental health, the difference between mental disorders and mental illnesses, and the causal and risk factors. 
  • Evidence-based information on understanding and analyzing healthy choices to suit your lifestyle and help prevent the triggering or worsening of symptoms.
  • Credible advice on when and who to seek out for help.


Find general information about mental health, and further explore the complexities of anxiety, depression, and stress and burnout in our brochures. The COVID-19 pandemic and the past 18 months have had a significant impact on mental health globally. It was of the utmost importance to us that we included information to help people manage and cope with COVID-19-related stress as they adapt to and navigate their new realities. 

With this in mind, you might be wondering what you can do to heighten your awareness and enhance your wellbeing? Well, you can start with these two simple steps!

  • Step 1️: Take a read of our campaign brochures on General Mental Health Information, Anxiety, Depression, and Stress.
  • Step 2: Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram for much more impactful information!


Join us on this journey and strengthen your knowledge today. Your mental health is important – make it a priority. #LighteningtheLoadIsTheGoal