Physical Health

Getting better sleep

Sleep is vital to our health. Our daily routines and lifestyle choices can challenge our ability to get enough quality sleep. Insufficient sleep can lead to serious health issues, such as depression, cognitive decline, and obesity. Fortunately, a good night’s rest is within reach.

Finding the movement you love

Too often, we narrowly define exercise as running on a treadmill or some other iconic image. We know we should be physically active and sustain the habit, so it’s important to find the types of movement we enjoy and how to incorporate physical activity into our daily lives.

Achieving a healthy weight

Achieving and sustaining a healthy weight requires the alignment of several factors, from nutrition and exercise to psychological and societal elements. We are all unique with different circumstances and lifestyles, which need to be accounted for.

Honoring your sexuality

Finding our sexual voice might take time and practice, and it’s an intimate process that involves physical and emotional factors. Sexuality is diverse and transformative, and it’s discovery is a personal process that will allow us to experience life at it’s fullest.