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Mohammad Nami Life Coach

Mohammad is a medical doctor and applied neuroscientist with a PhD in clinical/cognitive neuroscience and clinical fellowship on sleep disorders.

Marcel Daane
Life Coach

Author of the acclaimed book ‘HeadStrong Performance’, Marcel aims to empower you to gain clarity and enhance interpersonal relationships.

Evelyn Sztojanov
Life Coach

Evelyn works with women through her 9-week Inspired Coaching Program, helping them create a blueprint for an inspired life.

Isaac Elsadanam Spiritual Health

Doctor of Philosophy, Isaac is a dedicated spiritual health practitioner who owns several years of experience as pastor and spiritual guide.

Yalda Sefidaniforough Trainer

Yalda is a certified personal trainer who aims to create effective workout programs, using the latest techniques in corrective exercises, and strength and cardio training.

Ana Alexandre

Ana is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Life Coach. She has experience working with busy professionals and she understands that achieving optimal performance requires a 360-degree approach.

Yolande Steenkamp Spiritual Health

Yolande is a certified spiritual health practitioner with background in theology and leadership. She believes in the importance of searching for meaning and purpose in life.

Eduardo Valcarce

With experience on the field as a professional long-distance athlete, Eduardo is an exceedingly personal trainer with experience in injury prevention, intervention and rehabilitation.

Alexandros Ioannou

Exercise professional Alexandros works towards enhancing performance and wellbeing by empowering individuals with knowledge, guidance, and support to assist and inspire them on their journey to achieve their goals. 

Angela Johnson Life Coach

Through one-on-one coaching, Angela can empower and help you gain a deeper understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection and harness your unique power to transform all facets of your life: career, personal relationships, finances, and self-love. 

Stefania Guiu Nutritionist

Stefania gives you the information you need to make your own choices and discover what works best for your body in relation to food and wellbeing. With a diversity of skills, her particular interests are in women’s health and the gut microbiota.

Anouchka Nowicki - Life Coach

As a certified Leadership and Transformational Coach, Anouchka is committed to helping others find a sense of ease and wellbeing. She has extensive work experience in assisting people through crises and difficult times in their lives.

Francesco Colelli Nutritionist

Dr. Francesco Colleli grew up with quality Mediterranean products inspiring his passion for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Now the CEO/founder of The Web Nutritionist Ltd., he knows what truly drives people to achieve nutritional goals.

Cheryl Dutta - Life Coach

Cheryl’s aim is to help you succeed in living your best life in an organic, positive, and holistic way. She offers realistic and actionable strategies to help you take the steps towards achieving your life purpose and becoming your most authentic self.

Isaac Oppong Trainer

Isaac is currently completing a doctorate in Exercise Physiology. With over 10 years of experience working within a clinical and community exercise setting, his passion lies in using exercise as preventive medicine for the general and clinical population.

Marina Becker Life Coach

Marina supports people who struggle with their wellbeing and direction in life by providing a holistic and personalized approach to healing and transformation. Marina’s aim is to help you create the healthy, happy life you truly want.

Michele Sutton Life Coach

Michele collaborates with people in all walks and stages of life to develop a personalized plan for balancing energy and time. Through identifying unique strengths and values, this partnership cultivates empowered living.