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Mohammad Nami -
Life Coach

Mohammad is a medical doctor and applied neuroscientist with a PhD in clinical/cognitive neuroscience and clinical fellowship on sleep disorders.

Marcel Daane -
Life Coach

Author of the acclaimed book ‘HeadStrong Performance’, Marcel aims to empower you to gain clarity, openness and enhance interpersonal relationships.

Isaac Elsadanam - Spiritual

Doctor of Philosophy, Isaac is a dedicated spiritual health practitioner who boasts several years of experience as pastor and spiritual guide.

Ioannis Nikitidis - Nutritionist

Ioannis is an experienced nutritionist, medical doctor and registered dietitian. Ioannis is specialized in obesity prevention, exercise and health.

James Kennedy - Trainer

James is a personal trainer and Kinesiologist with achievements in facilitating the recovery of dated injuries with extensive and tailored treatments. 

Yalda Sefidaniforough - Trainer

Yalda is a certified personal trainer who aims to create effective workout programs, using the latest techniques in exercise science, corrective exercises, and strength and cardio training.

Evelyn Sztojanov - Life Coach

Evelyn is a transformational coach and social entrepreneur. She works with women through her 9-week Inspired Coaching Program, helping them tune into their essence and create a blueprint for an inspired life.

Yolande Steenkamp - Spiritual

Yolande is a certified and experienced spiritual health practitioner with an extensive background in theology and leadership. She believes in the importance of searching for meaning and purpose in life.

Eduardo Valcarce - Trainer

With experience on the field as a professional long-distance athlete, Eduardo is an exceedingly personal trainer with experience in injury prevention, intervention and rehabilitation.