Social Health

A woman sitting in peace in the nature to adopt mindfulness

Addressing Loneliness

We have never been more connected through technology, yet we may often feel disconnected from meaningful relationships. Addressing feelings of loneliness is vital to our health and wellbeing, for it can lead to serious health risks, from weakening our immune system to cognitive decline and heart disease.

Enhancing Social Intelligence

The human psyche is social by nature. We connect with others through our social intelligence, which helps or hinders us, depending on our score. Communication and listening skills, understanding others’ emotions and feelings, and being empathetic, respectful, and grateful all play an important role.

A man on a video call with his family on a mobile phone

Living with Social Media

Social media can be an amazing tool to keep us connected and informed. However, all too often, social media platforms can be divisive and lead to fears such as the fear of missing out. A healthy relationship with social media is possible with the right techniques and mindset, so you can truly experience all its benefits.

Three people depicting a healthy social relationship

Meaningful Relationships

Meaningful relationships are essential to our happiness, for they nourish our desire for connection, elevate our potential, and support us in times of need. We face many challenges in our fast-paced and often superficial world. However, we all have the capacity for deep connections and, with guidance, the ability to develop them.