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To achieve optimal and balanced health, it is necessary to consider every dimension of health; the mental, physical, spiritual, social, environmental, and economic health dimensions are the core elements of Holisticly’s spirit.

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The Six Dimensions

Delve into the six different dimensions that make up holistic wellness and uncover the very essence of your wellbeing. A deeper understanding and a more enlightened perspective of how our bodies, minds, and spirits work is your key toward unlocking optimal health.


Mental health affects our perception; how we view life, ourselves, and others. It also affects our emotional states in that it has an influence on our feelings and actions. Mental health entails coping with stress healthily, understanding and empathizing with others, and encouraging us to make better and healthier choices for ourselves. Our services are curated to empower you to achieve optimal mental wellbeing.


Physical health refers to the condition of our bodies and how well they operate, and it makes up an essential component of our wellbeing. It involves making good choices about nutrition, sleep, stress, exercise and body movement, illness prevention, lifestyle choices, and sexual health, among other factors. Good physical wellness can improve our quality of life and plays an important role in helping us to maintain our overall holistic health.


Transcending beyond our physical being and connecting with ourselves in a pursuit of finding meaning and purpose in life, and conceptualizing the depth of our capabilities as human beings are possibilities that are only offered by our spiritual health. Nurturing our spiritual health and reaping the benefits of exploring our spirituality allows us to find balance and peace within ourselves.


Social health involves our ability to build and maintain healthy, secure, and meaningful relationships with people in our lives. Through practicing and participating in social wellness in every area of our lives, beginning from a young age, we can learn how to develop and maintain healthy relationships and friendships and how to build social skills and a sense of social awareness. Healthy communication, empathy, and care for others are all factors that contribute to the fostering and maintenance of optimal social health.


Our environmental wellbeing takes into account the quality of our surroundings and the resources that are available to us, from our homes, to our work and transportation. As well as that, by taking environmentally conscious actions, such as sustainable shopping, cooking, and waste management, we can collectively encourage sustainable environmental developments on a global scale while also benefiting our wellbeing.


Considering our economic wellbeing involves nurturing and assessing our financial health and working conditions so we can determine how they impact our overall health. Fostering economic wellbeing primarily involves the development of skills, such as work-life balance, dealing with the stresses of finances and ensuring your education matches your goals and interests. As a result, aligning our personal, professional, and financial pursuits is vital to our holistic wellbeing.